Towards a Resilient Taunton Deane

First we had the workshops on climate change and peak oil to all staff in Taunton Deane Borough Council, run by Taunton Transition Town volunteers Chrissie Godfrey and Paul Birch….  Out of those workshops comes a compilation of all the conversations, debates and reflections.

From that rich mix of backgrounds, skills, interests and political leanings emerged a story, a surprisingly consistent story about what a resilient Taunton Deane might be like in 2026. Together they envisioned a future in which the Borough has developed a successful low carbon, “localised” culture and infrastructure, capable of withstanding upheavals in the wider world likely to occur as a result of our changing climate and increasingly expensive and insecure oil and gas supplies.

Read the document here: Towards a Resilient Taunton Deane (PDF)

2 thoughts on “Towards a Resilient Taunton Deane”

  1. This document should become more than just the aspirations of the role of the council. The council should enshrine some if not most of the ideas put forward by the 375 people who took part in the workshops.

    It is time to set the new agenda and embody all these ideas in all the staturory responsibilities a council has. TDBC should take the lead here and be in the vanguard of embracing the Transition Town movement and its approach towards the coming crisis of fossil fuel depletion and climate change.

    Jefferson Horsley
    Councillor Taunton Deane Borough Council

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