Recession Busting Project

This project is funded by a grant from the Taunton Deane Borough Council to run some mentoring schemes in the Taunton area to help with household bills and help households cope with the recession. We are calling out for mentors to help run some sessions based on this theme. These mentoring schemes could be anything from setting up a food co-op to an energy auditing party, from cycling confidence course to a community garden and could range from on-going courses to 1 day workshops. What these schemes are and what form they may take will depend on the mentors that volunteer themselves. The other important part of the project is how the mentors and other facilitators of the project are rewarded: based on £7.50 per hour rate mentors are rewarded by vouchers or credit notes that can be spent in local businesses thus provided benefit to not only the individuals’ pocket, but also to build community, local resilience and boost the local economy. All that and the chance to spread the Transition word!
If you are interested in becoming a mentor then fill in the form below and send to Vic Watson – We also need help to run the project. Even if you only have a germ of an idea or feel you cannot commit too much time please fill in as much as possible. We can either incorporate your idea into another mentoring project or you might be able to help out somewhere.
Taunton Transition Town Mentoring Project

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