Water, Water Everywhere

We’ve all grown up taking water for granted. Turn on the tap and there’s water. Flush the toilet and there’s water. Take a bath. Put on the dishwasher. Turn on a hosepipe. We use water without really thinking about it. We’ve never had to change our ways – until now. We’re at the tipping point of needing to take a more active role in reducing the amount of water we use.

The effects of global warming have had a dramatic effect on the UK’s water supply. This means that scarcity and cost are becoming increasingly important issues for all of us.

Although it seems to rain here a lot, in fact the UK has less available water per person than most other European countries.

Scary facts:

* London is drier than Istanbul

* The South East of England has less water available per person than the Sudan and Syria.

* Most parts of the UK have experienced drought in the past decade.

To find out more download the water chapter of our Transition Together Workbook. Find out tons of useful tips and tricks to help you save on your bills and save the planet!

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