Transition Drop-in – Crash Course

Chris Martenson - on the wire - from Transition Colorado Site

Come along to watch a 43 minutes 44 seconds “edge of the seat” thriller – no, not the latest movie blockbuster, but Chris Martenson’s “Crash Course: essential knowledge for uncertain times.”  This abbreviated version of the popular and influential Crash Course video lecture gives us the eye-opening and groundbreaking research into the true predicament presented to us by our reliance on economic growth within the  limited environmental and energy resources of our planet.

No, not a laugh a minute we grant you, but an unflinching and also uplifting look at the issues that define our moment in history, and a glimpse at the opportunities we have to reshape our world based on a new vision of prosperity.

The DVD will be shown at 11am and we hope people will stick around afterwards to talk about their responses, and what this might mean for our endeavours to create a “resilient” town.

Saturday 26th February

Venue: Friends’ Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton.

Time: 10.30am-12.30pm

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