Inside LEAF 3

Just a quickie to say how lovely that Sam MacIntyre is at the Genesis Centre at Taunton’s Somerset College.  We have booked their amazing place for our Open Space event on the theme of building local resilience on 24 March and popped down today to see what’s what.  I think Sam’s mantra is “yes, that’s no problem, we can do that for you!”  So, we needed 8 laptops available in a side room, 8 flipchart stands all over the place, a way of projecting film (including our new commission) into the main room, a way of linking our new thermal imaging camera up for projection on a different screen forImage

ongoing groovy images of the event itself, a complicated arrangement of chairs in different groups and rooms, food and drink to arrive without  getting in the way of anything else, and a wireless microphone to wander around with.  OK, all of you who are used to using decent conference facilities might think this is just what you would expect, but to Transition folk who put things on in barns, riverbanks, markets, allotments and so on, and used to arriving with EVERYthing they need on the back of a bike, this is something of a treat.

So thanks, Sam, for making my morning.  I am really excited about this event now (as opposed to a bit breathless with the scale of the task!).

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