House of St Martin Local Produce

Some of our members of Taunton Transition have been volunteering at the local House of St Martin growing project – a great enterprise in Norton Fitzwarren.     We helped the project by contributing to the new polytunnel which will drastically increase growing capacity.

At some point the future the aim is to set up a veg box scheme to sell to all local Tauntonians.

However, in the short term, there is  veg that needs to sell!  Accordingly, the project leader Nicky Gibbard will (pending final permission) have a veg sale stall at the front of North Street church (opposite Debenhams) on Saturday 1st Sept, setting up from 10.00 am for a 10.30am start.  This is also happens to be our Guerilla Gardening morning.

So, the invitations are:

  • if you have any surplus veg that you can’t use, and would like Nicky to sell, with proceeds going back into the growing project, please come along for 10am to donate them.  
  • if you have any spare time that morning to help Nicky run the stall (maybe in between bits of gardening) then do please come along and help.
  • if you simply want to come up and say Hi to Nicky and find out more about the project, this is a good time!!

 Nicky is likely to be doing similar on Sat 8th Sept if you can help then as well/instead that would be great.

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