Mushroom Cultivation & Identification Introductory Course

Mushroom Cultivation & Identification Introductory Course at Brook End LAND Centre near Street/Glastonbury, Somerset

This three day course will take a look at the fascinating world of fungi, introducing key concepts in their biology and ecology. Looking at the identification and classification of fungi and seeing how we can be cultivated and integrated in our gardens.

Fungi are a much sought after food crop, that provide a range of health benefits, but they also provide many valuable services in our gardens and woodlands. The course will look at using fungi to help with composting, creating edible mulches, recycling waste and improving plant health.

We will be using looking at the techniques needed to create mushroom spawn which will lead onto to outdoor methods of cultivating wood eating wild fungi.

This requires only a few simple pieces of equipment, so all that you learn will be repeatable at home.

We will also explore mushroom enterprises & next steps for supplying our communities.

Financial Contribution

This course is being organised by Feed Avalon, a workers cooperative and social enterprise dedicated to cultivating local food resilience & social justice in Glastonbury, Street and surrounding areas.

It has financial support from Somerset Skills and Learning. We are excited to work with the Upcycled Mushroom Company from Bristol who are sharing their knowledge & skills.

The course is sliding scale from £60 (low income) to £180 (high income). We have a number of free places for those in receipt of benefit.

How to Book


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