Film: Disobedience on 22nd September

Transition Athelney presents:

disobedience-frontThe role of people power in the struggle to build a sustainable future

A 40 minute film, followed by refreshments and discussion.

The film has relevance to anyone who is engaged with the climate issue. It chronicles several successful efforts to disrupt fossil fuel operations and to raise the profile of the climate movement in the public mind. It also contains some penetrating insights (eg from Ricken Patel of Avaaz) about the opposing forces in this issue and why determined grass roots action is imperative in pursuit of change at a government level. This of course reflects the fact that few major reforms in history have been accomplished without a degree of civil disobedience.

The film throws up a host of issues and questions, including public perception of the Green movement. We are at a fascinating as well as dangerous juncture. One of the huge positives is that, with the solar revolution gathering pace, it is getting harder to dismiss Greens as wanting to drag society back to the stone age. This has been a source of fear in people’s minds as well as a cynical political tactic.

You can watch the trailer at:

The Williams Hall Stoke St Gregory

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Doors open 7.30pm
Free entry; donations welcome



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