Growing Taunton – Sat 1st April


It is that time of year again when we will be getting that public veg growing started.

Location: Somerset Sq – between the Brewhouse Theatre and the Cricket Ground

When: Sat 1st April – 10.30 – 12.30

Taunton Transition Town are inspiring people all over the town to take food production back into their own hands. Any piece of land has the potential to grow food – be it a curbside, your back garden or a spare corner in a park. Our mission is to take down the barriers between you and your ability to grow there.

If you eat, you’re in

We have been running this site at Somerset Square for some years now; replacing the municipal plants with something we can eat or which is beneficial to insects.  Find the vegetables, herbs and other plants growing in the planters between the Brewhouse Theatre and the Cricket Ground in Taunton.

Fact 1:Wonder why we grow so many pot marigolds (Calendula) – well not only can you eat the petals it is also good as an insect nectar and pollen plant that attracts beneficial insects, especially bees, butterflies and hoverflies.  

The plan this month is to clear some of the beds and sow some suitable seeds like beetroot, carrots, Swiss chard, salad leaves and peas; along with some wild flower seeds.  If you have any seeds or indeed vegetable plants that you can spare please bring them along on Saturday so we can share for this wonderful public edible garden.

Fact 2: Planted in Somerset Square Planters are the wonderful plant Oca; one of the ‘Lost Crops’ of the Incas, which is still widely grown in Bolivia & Peru. Oca is planted and cooked just like potatoes (although they are smaller, the size of new potatoes) and it has a lemony taste like potatoes with lemon butter. It’s is easy as long as you have a moderately long season, and being completely unrelated to potatoes , it’s not affected by blight.



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