A Talk: Why a rapid transition to renewable energy is essential

Chris Goodall will cover the subject of his latest book The Switch. He will explain why a rapid transition to renewable energy is essential, affordable and technically feasible.

Followed by questions and discussion.

Chris is a good speaker and renowned expert on new energy technologies with a website at: http://www.carboncommentary.com

6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Monday 26 June 2017

Quaker Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4EP

Doors open at 6 pm with light refreshments available.

£3 entry on door to help cover costs.

The cost of PV is coming down rapidly as a result of improving technology, longer lives for equipment and lower financing costs. This will continue. It will mean that solar power will be the most economical way of generating electricity almost everywhere around the world within a decade. It already is in many countries in the tropics.

Cheaper PV is not enough. We need huge amounts of short-term storage, probably by installing batteries in homes and more widely across the grid. The good news is that, like PV, batteries are sharply coming down in price. Every succeeding forecast gets more optimistic.

From www.carboncommentary.com


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