Chris Goodhall Talk-The Switch 26 June

Quaker Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4EP
Doors will open at 6pm with light refreshments available.

£3 entry on door to help cover costs.

Chris Goodall will cover the subject of his latest
book, The Switch. He will explain why a rapid
transition to renewable energy is essential,
affordable and technically feasible.
Followed by questions and discussion.
Chris is a good speaker and renowned
expert on new energy technologies with a website

One thought on “Chris Goodhall Talk-The Switch 26 June”

  1. This is great thanks so much for organising this 👍🏻.
    Unfortunately I don’t normally finish work until about 6pm on Monday eve near wellington so won’t be able to make it 😞.
    Is there any chance we could use some of our remaining funds to pay for the SEEN website etc to be managed professionally by a really good company in taunton I have found – I don’t want it to get lost etc ?

    Many thanks

    Ronni x

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