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Chris Goodhall Talk-The Switch 26 June

Quaker Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4EP
Doors will open at 6pm with light refreshments available.

£3 entry on door to help cover costs.

Chris Goodall will cover the subject of his latest
book, The Switch. He will explain why a rapid
transition to renewable energy is essential,
affordable and technically feasible.
Followed by questions and discussion.
Chris is a good speaker and renowned
expert on new energy technologies with a website

Taunton showing of acclaimed film Domain

7.30pm  FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2017


13 Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4EP

“Tomorrow” (known as “Demain” in France) tells the story of its co-producers, Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurant and their search for solutions to the crisis humanity faces.  It has been watched by over 1.5 million people, won Best Documentary at the Cesar Awards (the French Oscars), been shown to communities, schools, at the United Nations, the European Parliament, in board rooms and local governments.

It is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education.  It visits permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable projects, local currencies, creative schools, ambitious recycling projects.  It has been a huge boost to community-led projects, and is currently on release in 29 other countries, leading to the formation of many new community projects.  It is the perfect antidote to the current sense of global despondency.

Tea will be available before the film, and there will be a short debate after the film, which lasts about 2 hours.

There will be an entry fee of £3 to cover costs.

Event arranged by Taunton Transition Town


Taunton Transition get together & AGM 14 March 7.30pm




Quaker Meeting House, 13 Bath Place

Taunton  TA1 4EP


Please join us at 7.30pm for an informal gathering to chat to fellow members and find out more about our activities and help shape our future plans.

At 8pm we will hold a formal AGM to elect a treasurer, secretary and committee for the next year – without whom Taunton Transition Town cannot continue.

We will then discuss future events, starting with final arrangements for the showing of the film Tomorrow on 31 March. (This film highlights the work of community projects in many countries)   Now that the message about the problems arising from climate change is finally beginning to get through, the need for local action groups offering solutions and hope for the future is all the more important.  We look forward to welcoming more volunteers to help stage events (or do community gardening) and more people with new ideas.

Invitation to Forum 21 Pasture Feed Conference

You are invited to attend:

Pasture Power – Exmoor’s Golden Future

A Forum 21 one-day conference to demonstrate the benefits of pasture fed food production. Feeding ruminant animals on species rich grassland produces good quality food, protects the soil, is good for animal welfare and stores carbon in the soil helping to alleviate climate change.  In addition pasture farming keeps more money in the local economy. Our speakers are practising farmers, land managers and conservationists. The speakers: Graham Harvey is a well-known author and agricultural journalist Rebecca Hoskyn runs Village Farm and has hugely increased biodiversity in the past few years while also increasing profit Rob Havard is a well-known regenerative agriculturalist and runs a business advising other farmers Nigel Hester from the National Trust will talk us through how to manage the whole of a river catchment to prevent flooding and improve water quality Other speakers include Bea Davis from Exmoor national Park, Philip Limbery from Compassion in Work Farming, Robin Milton, chair of NFU’s Hill Farming Forum and Liz Bowles from the Organic Soil Association.

At The Beach Hotel, The Avenue, Minehead, SomersetTA24 5AP

Register here


‘Before the Flood’ film showing on 30th January


Before the Flood – a Leo Di Caprio film about the climate crisis.  

At The Friends Quaker Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton: Monday 30th January (7.30pm)

This is highly recommended viewing for all who are concerned about the climate crisis and the perennial issue of how to widen public engagement.  Di Caprio talks with Barack Obama, climate scientists and others in the field.  He is confronted with the view that it all hinges on whether the rich world can curb its consumption. 

There is much we can learn from the film – all the more so, knowing now that it did not have the intended effect on the USA election and that climate denialism is part of the new administration’s policy. 

There will be time after the screening to discuss what we all think and feel about this production and about climate communication in a world of anti-science, post truth politics.  This is an opportunity for us to do some thinking about our options, following a year in which reason, responsibility and care for the future lost a lot of ground.  

This event has been arranged by Taunton Transition Town, Transition Athelney, Wivy Climate Action, Transition Wellington

Admission is free, but we will ask for a small donation to allow us to cover our costs.


Boost to local food movement-meeting Ilminster 31 August


There is a great opportunity to boost the local food movement coming up soon in Ilminster, with a meeting at the Parish Hall on Wednesday 31st August.

James and Sukamela at Wild Geese Acres

Somerset Co-op Services are inviting everyone to come and find out about how the simple idea of Community Supported Agriculture can deliver all sorts of benefits to food security, sustainability and community resilience. There are a growing number of great examples, from Plotgate and the Ecological Land Co-op to Exeter’s Real Food Cafe and Manchester Veg People.


What’s more there is a great opportunity for a transformative project in the Ilminster area – but you’ll have to come along and find out more.


The event is at the Ilminster Parish Hall at 7pm on the 31st August and they’d love to see plenty of people there. Sign up at the Facebook page if you can – just search for ‘Somerset Co-operative Services’ (please click ‘Like’) and follow the link to events. But we’re very happy to have people drop in on the day. We’ll also try to help with lift sharing – contact for more details.


A Car Club for Taunton



Co-cars is about to extend into Taunton – part of a project with GWR to add car club cars at some of the main train stations in the SW. As Co-cars is a coop, they are very keen to actively engage with interested people in Taunton and give them the opportunity for greater involvement. Co-cars is an existing co-op (centred on Exeter, but offering cars from Salisbury to Barnstaple)( . Car clubs allow easy access to the use of a car without the hassle and cost of owning one. If you own a car and do less than 5000 miles a year, it is worth considering,

Find out more on Friday 1st July 1 til 3pm –  Co-Cars and Go-op  Somerset Co-operative Hub, 10 East Reach, Taunton TA1 3EW or email


‘Protecting our future’ talk 18 July

A talk by Professor Tim Lenton, University of Exeter. Tim Lenton is Professor of Earth System Science and Climate Change. His illustrated talk will cover targets agreed at the 2015 United Nations Summit; climate tipping points; what will happen if warming keeps increasing and how this will affect us all; as well as actions being taken and still needed.

ALL WELCOME – your chance to hear from a top expert speaker Monday, 18th July 2016 Kingsmead School, South St, Wiveliscombe TA4 2NE 7.30pm start with doors open 7pm £2 on door (free for school pupils).

Professor Tim Lenton, University of Exeter

Climate Talk Flyer [134065]


Taunton Cyclists-have your say

A new simple survey has been launched to find out how cyclists and would be cyclists rate cycling in the town. Taunton has the basis of a cycling network now but there are gaps and some difficult sections of road and junctions. An aim is to establish what the priorities for cycling are, which would help in future funding bids by the local authorities.

Mike Ginger of Transition Taunton, who have prepared the survey said “Taunton is an ideal size for cycling and walking, and more cycling could help ease congestion and environmental problems. Many people already cycle with around 3000 trips to work each day. It is vital that the new proposed developments provide good walking and cycling access to the town centre and other services.” A further aim of the survey is to establish if there is interest in forming a cycling group in Taunton to promote day to day cycling.

Please take part in the survey

The survey is at