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Taunton showing of acclaimed film Domain

7.30pm  FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2017


13 Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4EP

“Tomorrow” (known as “Demain” in France) tells the story of its co-producers, Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurant and their search for solutions to the crisis humanity faces.  It has been watched by over 1.5 million people, won Best Documentary at the Cesar Awards (the French Oscars), been shown to communities, schools, at the United Nations, the European Parliament, in board rooms and local governments.

It is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education.  It visits permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable projects, local currencies, creative schools, ambitious recycling projects.  It has been a huge boost to community-led projects, and is currently on release in 29 other countries, leading to the formation of many new community projects.  It is the perfect antidote to the current sense of global despondency.

Tea will be available before the film, and there will be a short debate after the film, which lasts about 2 hours.

There will be an entry fee of £3 to cover costs.

Event arranged by Taunton Transition Town


‘Before the Flood’ film showing on 30th January


Before the Flood – a Leo Di Caprio film about the climate crisis.  

At The Friends Quaker Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton: Monday 30th January (7.30pm)

This is highly recommended viewing for all who are concerned about the climate crisis and the perennial issue of how to widen public engagement.  Di Caprio talks with Barack Obama, climate scientists and others in the field.  He is confronted with the view that it all hinges on whether the rich world can curb its consumption. 

There is much we can learn from the film – all the more so, knowing now that it did not have the intended effect on the USA election and that climate denialism is part of the new administration’s policy. 

There will be time after the screening to discuss what we all think and feel about this production and about climate communication in a world of anti-science, post truth politics.  This is an opportunity for us to do some thinking about our options, following a year in which reason, responsibility and care for the future lost a lot of ground.  

This event has been arranged by Taunton Transition Town, Transition Athelney, Wivy Climate Action, Transition Wellington

Admission is free, but we will ask for a small donation to allow us to cover our costs.


Share – A Library of Things

Share – A Library of Things
Recently visited Frome and ran across the Share Library of Things. It’s a shop with a difference… you don’t buy stuff you borrow stuff instead. Apparently the average drill is used for only 13 minutes in its entire lifetime (a bit longer in our household but we like to make things!). Anyway, the proposal is instead of buying a drill, you could borrow one from a neighbour that you have never met before. That is SHARE…. Check them out on:
The idea is that we spend too much money on ‘stuff’; things that we use for a short space of time and then lock away in the shed, kitchen, garage etc. If you can borrow ‘stuff’ instead then we spend less, waste less and connect more.
So SHARE have opened up a community space in Frome so you can borrow things like a drill, or a belt sander or an ukulele and more importantly share skills.
In November Frome is hosting a Sharing Festival with lots of events around skill sharing and the sharing economy.
Download the programme at

Also, on Saturday 14th November there will be a workshop on the origins of SHARE and how to start your own share shop. Checkout the website to book a place.

The No-Growth Economy – Thu 12th Nov

The No-Growth Economy

Is it the only way to save the planet?

Thu 12 November 2015
At-Bristol , Bristol
Price: £9/£7

With key international talks in Paris coming up at the end of the year, what kind of agreement would be needed to actually tackle climate change, and what is realistic? Some environmentalists argue that the only hope lies in the radical decision to call a halt to economic growth, but others think this is neither possible nor even desirable.

With Cameron Hepburn (University of Oxford), Katherine Drayson (Policy Exchange), Alex Bowen (LSE) and Kate Raworth (University of Oxford).

Details of how to book:

Cameron Hepburn
Katherine Drayson
Alex Bowen
Kate Raworth

All part of Bristol’s Festival of Ideas.

Postive Money UK Documentary – Friday 30th October

97% Owned’ A Positive Money UK Documentary

– Free screening at 7.30pm on Friday 30 October at Temple Methodist Church in Taunton.
– After the screening we welcome Adelia Tisdall (Positive Money Exeter) to chair a group discussion. 

Why has our financial system left us with the highest personal debt in history, unaffordable housing and worsening inequality?

Join Taunton Green Party and Taunton members of Positive Money UK  to find out why.

‘97% Owned’, a ground-breaking documentary film featuring HBOS whistleblower Paul Moore, clearly explains the inner workings of Central Banks and our financial system.

It’s being shown as part of a special launch event hosted by the Taunton Deane Green Party to bring together the 400+ members of Positive Money UK in the Taunton area. Adelia Tisdall, leader of Positive Money Exeter will be there to answer any questions on the movement after the film and set up a Positive Money Taunton steering group.

Revealing where money comes from, who profits from its creation and why the Government bailed out the banks in 2008 – 97% owned offers us a viable alternative to Austerity.

A trailer of the film is available on youtube at

Positive Money-why is there so much debt

CIC CIC Community Fundraiser

Community Fundraiser event Tuesday 29th September 7-9pm

Please come along and support this great local community centre….

Find out about this win-win concept for our communities.

“A new way for people to raise money for good causes and save money at the same time”

Network with like minded people, have fun and find out how you could support the community whilst saving money for you and your business.
In support of the Creative Innovation Centre’s Community Interest Company social objectives.
The evening will start with a brief presentation from the Directors of the CICCIC talking about the major benefits that the centre provides to the community. There will be a brief interlude with some light entertainment and then another brief presentation about innovative ways that you can contribute to the success of the centre’s social objectives.

Somerset Energy Meeting – Tuesday 26th May

Are Your Concerned About Our Future Energy?

Come to a public meeting to see how we can work together for solutions for Somerset.

Tuesday 26th May
Tangier Scout and Guide Centre
Castle Street, TA1 4AS


Whether you are an existing group or an individual wanting to know more  – please come and share your thought, leaflets and knowledge so we can widen our networking and work more effectively as a county.

Free parking and entry!

Want to know more email:

Tel: 07949273703

Reconomy Taunton: Feedback

Fiona Ward of the Reconomy Project Transiton Network
Fiona Ward of the Reconomy Project Transiton Network

How can communities create vibrant local economies that benefit everyone? Fiona Ward, from the Transition Network, spoke to a crowded room at Taunton’s Creative Innovation Centre (CICCIC) giving examples of financially viable businesses that fufill community needs and deliver community benefits. That is money going back into the local community and not pouring out of the area like a leaky bucket.
Fiona described how other communities have created local enterprises in areas such as food, energy, construction, community shops, cafés and pubs and shared ownership of land and buildings. Projects such as the Handmade Bakery based in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire who provide a choice of artisan breads for the local community supported by a subscription service (you pay upfront for the bread) and run a cafe.  Repowering London are working with Local Authorities and communities to develop local solutions to energy and related challenges, like fuel poverty, energy generation and energy efficiency.

This REconomy Project seeks to encourage people to shop locally, bring assets back into community ownership, and support local enterprises and even start local currencies. There is already vibrant local currencies in Bristol, Totnes, and Brixton to name but a few. It encourages everyone to support community projects or new entrepreneurs by investing their money or offering their skills. Totnes has the Local Entrepreneur Forum , where local people with ideas for a sustainable business pitch their ideas ‘dragons’ den’ style to the local community to gain support both financially and professionally to start up their business projects.

Discussing reconomy
Discussing reconomy

The discussion which followed showed that many people are already actively involved in community projects, and that there is a need for groups to work together to make more progress.

We pulled together the most discussed ideas:

  • Starting a local currency: Taunton Pound (Taunton Tone), Somerset Pound
  • All aspects of Community Energy Generation and Retention: solar panels on community buildings, hydro-power at French Weir and Firepool, insulation, etc.
  • All aspects of Food Production, Retail and Consumption: sourcing local food, community growing, trading, markets, cooking and food education and re-skilling.
Breakout groups discuss how to improve livelihoods in the Taunton area
Breakout groups discuss how to improve livelihoods in the Taunton area

Taunton Transition will arrange further meetings to progress ideas to boost local economy initiatives based around these topics.

These meetings could start with 5 minute presentations from groups or individuals actively involved already or wishing to start something new.
If you endorse this idea, we invite you to choose which of these subjects (or choose ALL) you would like to be tackled first and let us know how you would be prepared to take part in the event (and its preparation) or any other subject about which you feel more passionate.
Contact: Jean 01823 282413, Ronni 07949273703 or Fran 07727479761.
Email: Jean –, Vicky –

Over the next couple of weeks we will try and bring together some of the projects that are currently running in the local area and some ideas from further afield.

The event was organised by Taunton Transition Town and generously hosted by CIC CIC themselves a community interest company. Please support them and attend some of the fabulous events that they hold.

REconomy: Rethinking our Local Economy

reconomy-header11TH NOVEMBER, 2014, 7PM


Wondering how we can create more productive and meaningful livelihoods around here?

What can we learn from other communities and organisations already planning and doing this for themselves?


Our local economy is full of holes; we put money in via pensions, wages and grants but much of it leaks out in the form of energy bills, supermarkets and internet shopping.  All that money leaking away from the community that could contribute to local livelihoods, local businesses and training opportunities.


This community-led economic project wants to identify real local needs and the potential for new enterprises and industries that could satisfy them.  Ensuring that money is kept within the area rather that ‘leaking out of the bucket’.

This can take the form of local energy or food projects, promotion of the local economy with ‘buy local’ campaigns, instigating social enterprises, or starting a new local currency.

REconomy is about creating fair and ‘just’ local economies which use natural resources efficiently and appropriately, and create enterprises and livelihoods that enhance the well-being of the local community.

FIONA WARD, founder of the Transition Network’s REconomy Project, will be sharing inspiring stories about how some Transition groups are transforming their local economies (and job prospects).

Explore what a local REconomy Project might look like in Taunton on 11th November.

Find out more about REconomy at:

Brixton’s Pay-By-Text Scheme – buy with Brixton Pounds

What Transition is really good at is introducing schemes that focus on the local and come up with new and credible ways of doing it… There have been many local currencies doing the rounds through the ages and Transition have instigated quite a few in the recent past but here is a group that are revolutionising the way of transacting ‘money’ and keeping it local!

Find out more about it here: