Green Doors Starting

Following in the footsteps of Bristol, Oxford, Frome and many others, Green Doors comes to Taunton!  We are looking for people living in the town or the surrounding area who are willing to open up their homes to show others how they have managed to make them more eco friendly.  If you are connected to a community building (e.g. church, school) you are welcome to show that too.

Over the weekend of 25-27 May 2012, we want to give people the opportunity to learn first-hand what different types of eco-improvements can be like and what benefits they have brought.   This could be anything from insulation to renewable energy generation, low impact water systems to full on retrofitting, brilliant composting or vegetable gardening.

If it’s eco, it’s in!

The project is being organised by Taunton Transition Town, with the help of a government grant from the Local Energy Assessment Fund.

If you would like to be part of this project, we would ask you to:

  • Open your house/community building at some time(s), to suit you, over the period 25-27 May 2012
  • Show people what you have done inside and/or outside, and be available to answer questions
  • Provide information in the form of a hand out that you think they would find helpful (e.g. technical info, installer details, energy generated, money saved, hints and tips).  We will help you put this together and print it.

The details of what you have to show will be included in an online map (only available in the period running up to and for the Green Doors weekend) plus in a leaflet.  You will be given loads of support to help plan how you want to take part, including tips on managing visitors, and receive useful things like signs or banners to mark your property.

Feedback from similar events shows that this is a really fantastic way to get more people doing more eco stuff, so your input will play a real part in making Taunton and its area more sustainable.

If you think you may be interested in participating, please contact Cara Naden by email –, or by calling her on 07771 561398.

She will get back in touch with you, either to fix a visit or to talk to you by phone to find out more, and help you complete a form that will give us all the info we need to enable you to participate. Cara has loads of experience of running Green Doors before so will be able to answer all your questions.

Here is a more detailed list of the kinds of things you might like to show off

Wood burning stoves; Ground and air source heat pumps; Solar thermal panels; Solar photo-voltaics; Wind power; Energy efficient appliances
Building materials and methods
Cob walls; Lime rendering; Timber frame buildings; Straw bale building
Insulation of internal and external walls; Use of natural materials for insulation; Use of recycled materials eg Warmcel for insulation; High levels of loft or roof insulation; Double or triple glazing; Passive solar design; Purpose-built conservatories designed to trap energy
Rainwater harvesting; Compost toilets; Greywater systems; Reed bed / filtering systems
Green roofs; vegetable growing; ; chickens and small livestock; Organic gardening; Container gardens; Permaculture; Features to encourage biodiversity;
Garden sharing; Composting ; Wormeries

2 thoughts on “Green Doors Starting”

    1. I would advise you contact the Centre For Sustainable Energy – Alternatively, come along to the talk this evening.. 7pm at the Friends Meeting House… all about new developments in renewable energy. There will be a focus on the new government scheme – renewable heat incentive but there should be scope for insulation options.

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