Transition Together

Transition Together makes it easier to

  • Cut your energy, water and fuel bills
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Cut your carbon footprint

Just get together with neighbours, friends, colleagues to work through the Transition Together booklet; packed with information to help you cut your carbon and your bills! To find out how to set up a group in the Taunton Deane Area please use the contact at the bottom of the page.

The Taunton Transition Together Booklet is available in PDF form and you can download here:

We used the Totnes Transition Together booklet as a base and re-wrote it so if you wish to print this out for the public please go to the the wonderful Totnes Transiton Together group.  If it is for your own personal use then please download and enjoy.

For any transition initiatives outside of the Taunton Deane area that are wishing to set up their own groups again please go to the Totnes Transition Together website (what is now Transition Streets).  We will be happy to provide our more Somerset-centric version in a format that is easy to amend (Word) to groups who wish to start their own project in their area.  Please contact Vicky Briggs ( if you want the amendable version… but please go to Totnes Transition Streets as a first port of call.

Result of Taunton Transition Together So Far!

Despite rising prices, over thirty Taunton householders saved money on their energy, food and travel costs this winter, with a little help from the Taunton Transition Town volunteer group. Last year, the group researched and wrote a handbook on cutting both our bills and our carbon emissions. The handbook is designed to be used by groups of neighbours, friends or work colleagues who can encourage each other to tackle challenges such as lowering energy use in the home, wasting less food and conserving water. Seven groups are already busy saving their purse and the environment. To coincide with Climate Week, Taunton Transition Town volunteers are inviting a further seven to join in.

Groups have been motivated to make a variety of changes. Deb Howell’s Galmington group have changed their driving habits to conserve fuel; learned to plan food shopping better to cut down on waste; and succeeded in cutting their water bills by up to two thirds. For Serena Curwen’s group, the value has been in sharing experiences and practical ideas, from the very small to the bigger issues. “We have talked about everything from what to do with the crusts cut off children’s sandwiches to investing in solar or photovoltaic panels.”

Each group is loaned an energy monitor to help them see just where the juice actually goes – and how much it is costing them at any given moment. They also get a Transition Town “buddy” to help get the group going and keep them on track.

It takes seven meetings to go through the handbook’s different topics, and most groups meet up once a month, giving them time between meetings to try out some of the ideas at home. However, several groups have found ways to make their resources go further. Deb Howell said “Our group is doing a community gardening scheme based on my garden and we will all share the produce. This is good for me as I will have some help to be more ambitious with what I grow.” They have also snapped up bargain water butts and helped each other install them. Somerset College tutor Faith Dethier said “Our group has been very good at sharing what we do and can achieve, including sending off for offers and recycling stuff to raise money for events. We are also hoping to get together to get a fish delivery from a sustainable source for sharing.”
Bishops Hull Transition Together Group

Taunton Transition Town are inviting householders who think they would like to set up a group to get in touch with them to find out more. TTT member Chrissie Godfrey said “We are finding that people enjoy the social aspect of this as much as the practical stuff. Doing it in a group also means they can share ideas and motivate each other. But our groups are telling us that this kind of initiative needs to go into local schools and businesses too, so we are also happy to hear from people who might like to set up a group in those settings.”

Chrissie can be contacted by email, or by phone on 01823 321731.

Taunton Transition Town volunteers were helped by a grant from Taunton Deane Borough Council’s Recession Relief fund last year to cover the costs of publishing the handbook.

For more information contact:

Chrissie Godfrey, 01823 321731

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