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Growing Taunton – Sat 1st July

We will be out and about again Saturday in Somerset Square to finish off the terracing of the slope.

Location: Somerset Sq – between the Brewhouse Theatre and the Cricket Ground

When: Sat 20th May – 10.30 – 12.30

Taunton Transition Town have been running this site at Somerset Square for some years now; replacing the municipal plants with something we can eat or which is beneficial to insects.  Find the vegetables, herbs and other plants growing in the planters between the Brewhouse Theatre and the Cricket Ground in Taunton.

What is ready now?

  • Peas
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Lovage – great herb with a strong celery taste – use sparingly
  • Oca Leaves – the leaves have a citrusy taste and great addition to salad
  • Some lettuce leaves left

Our courgettes are progressing and some are in flower…. so will be ready very soon.

Come along and hear all about the community garden and what is ready now.

We need your help to weed, plant and haul water!  We have big plans for Somerset Square and need your help. Bring you garden forks, trowels and gloves for some extra special TLC to this wonderful display. This time we hoping to transform the slope into a wonderful terrace of incredible edibles.

Growing Taunton – Saturday 3rd Sep


Taunton Transition Town will be holding another Growing Taunton session in Somerset Square this Saturday.  We have got a lot growing this year…. tomatoes, sweetcorn, cabbage, kale,mint, rosemary, chives, thyme, lovage, tarragon, courgettes and oca.  Come along and help tend, nuture and water this glorious produce; right in the heart of the Taunton.

  • Date: Saturday 3rd September
  • Time: 10.30am
  • Where: Somerset Square, Near Brewhouse Theatre

We might possibly move on to our other plot in Vivary Park.  This plot features medicinal herbs as well as some very unusual edibles.

If you cannot make it then you can always lend a hand when it is dry. We keep some buckets in planters to act as water carriers. If you can spare five minutes whilst you walk past the planters please stop by and grab a bucket – you can gather water from the river and give those thirsty plants a good shower.

Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus you get strawberries.

Ron Finley – Gangsta’ Gardener from Los Angeles

Growing Taunton

Growing Taunton

Growing Taunton – Somerset Square

Come and help grow vegetables in the middle of Taunton.  Pick up some tips on growing veggies.


If you eat, you’re in

We are trying to inspire people all over the town to take food production back into their own hands. Any piece of land has the potential to grow food – be it a curbside, your back garden or a spare corner in a park. Our mission is to take down the barriers between you and your ability to grow there. And it starts here in Somerset Square, near the Brewhouse.

Where: Somerset Square, near Brewhouse, Taunton

When: Saturday 04/06/2016, 10.30-12.30.

Bring gardening gloves, trowels and if you have them any vegetable plants to spare.

Growing Taunton
Growing Taunton

Growing Taunton

The next Growing Taunton event will be on Sat 3rd Oct in Somerset Square (between the Brewhouse and the Somerset Cricket Ground – the planters have all sorts of vegetables growing; sweetcorn, pumpkin, kale, oca, lovage, parsley, rosemary, chard. thyme and nasturtium. Plus there is an abundance of flowers to bring the bees in; just marigolds and phacelia. at the moment as we come into autumn. Meet by the planters at 10.30 am.

Bring secateurs, trowels and spades…. and gardening gloves.  The aim of this session is to tidy the planters for winter and give some buddleia a prune.  (Great for the butterflies when in flower but a bit of bully in a flower bed).

The aim of Growing Taunton is to get more fruit and vegetables in our public spaces. We promote how everyone can have access to local, sustainable food.

There are no members only the motto: ‘If you eat, you are in.’

Food Sovereignty – Each One, Teach One

3 Day Course exploring the principles & practices of Food Sovereignty in a UK context

2nd – 4th October 2015

At Brook End LAND Centre near Street/Glastonbury, Somerset

This two day course will introduce you to, or deepen your knowledge of, what Food Sovereignty means in a specifically UK context. It will also demonstrate the different ways in which you can enthuse others in your community of the importance of engaging with local food systems for social change.

What will happen over the weekend?

  • Together explore the fundamentals of food sovereignty in the UK, nationally and regionally
  • Look at the political and social issues around how marginalised groups are affected by the food systems of the UK
  • Examine the historical context of how food systems have developed in the UK and how they create injustice and inequality as well as obesity and poor food access currently
  • Look at a range of popular educational tools for communicating with your community
  • Become familiar with the different food movements in the UK as well as globally
  • Share best practice for designing and running a food conversation workshop in your locality

By the end of the weekend…

You will be a confident food system activist, ready and willing to support others to participate more in discovering and recovering their power to say what they want to eat, when, how and where.

What this means for you…

You are a leader in your life, your household and your community because you care about the future of food in the UK and beyond. This weekend will help you gain the skills and confidence to take your passion further. You will be linked to a centre for excellence in popular education on issues you care about and you will be able to network with like-minded others.

We will support you financially to participate and you will be encouraged to participate in the UK Food Sovereignty Movement, which will be having a national gathering in October 23-26 near Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, which is organising around bringing a change to the UK food system.

How to Book
Places limited. Please book ASAP.

To find out more email:

Mama D: communitycentredknowledge@gmail.com
Nicole: nicole@feedavalon.org.uk

For more info about Food Sovereignty & the Gathering:


Pillars of Food Sovereignty:

  • Focuses on Food for People: rejects food as commodities & places people at the centre of food systems
  • Values food providers: asserts food providers’ right to live and work in dignity
  • Localises food systems: local and regional provision takes precedence over supplying distant markets
  • Puts control locally: places control in the hands of local food providers
  • Builds knowledge and skills: builds on farmer generated knowledge & rejects technologies like GM
  • Works with Nature: works with nature to develop diverse, low-input agroecological production

Growing Taunton

The next Growing Taunton event will be on Sat 1st August in Somerset Square (between the Brewhouse and the Somerset Cricket Ground – the planters have all sorts of vegetables growing; sweetcorn, broad bean, peas, french beans, pumpkin, courgettes, strawberries, radish, parsley, rosemary, chard. thyme and nasturtium. Plus there is an abundance of flowers to bring the bees in; marigolds, wallflowers, alliums, agapanthus, oxe-eye daisy and phacelia.) Meet by the planters at 10.30 am.

Come the autumn we need an essential re-design for the planters to minimise the amount of watering that needs to be done in the summer.  Looking to permaculture design wicking beds look like the best option.

The aim of Growing Taunton is to get more fruit and vegetables in our public spaces. We promote how everyone can have access to local, sustainable food.

There are no members only the motto: ‘If you eat, you are in.’

Growing Taunton
Growing Taunton

Somerfest – Saturday 20th June

plant water grow

Taunton Transition Town will be at Somerfest tomorrow ready to get you growing your own vegetables!  Come along and plant a radish, bean, courgette, pumpkin and many more besides plus you can take them away.  All free! All you have to do is water it, plant it in your garden and watch it grow!  See all the wonderful vegetables growing in the planters in Somerset Square.

Where will we be – Somerset Square, near the Brewhouse Theatre.

There will be plenty of other events as part of Somerfest in Somerset Square, Goodlands Gardens, High Street and Castle Green.  See http://somerfest.net/

Local People Growing a Brighter Future
Local People Growing a Brighter Future

Access To Land in Sedgemoor

40 people packed into Bridgwater House on Wednesday night to learn more about how to access land to grow food on in Sedgemoor District. The evening was organized by Somerset Community Food as part of its Land and Food Project.

Allotments - by Stephen Caspar (Flickr Creative Commons)

Presenting the results of a detailed survey of allotment provision and demand for land in the district, Linda Hull, co-ordinator of the project, said: “Despite the fact that there are more than 50 acres of allotments in Sedgemoor, we now know that 130 people are on allotment waiting lists in the district. If we count those who might not know how to get on a list or those who think it’s pointless to do so because the list is too long, we could probably say latent demand is double and more like 260 would like a patch of ground to grow food on.”



Participants from across the district listed saving money, getting fit, eating healthy quality food, being outside in nature, showing children where food comes from and doing their bit for the environment as reasons for wanting land to grow food on.

Speakers from the National Society of Allotments, community gardens in Axbridge and Shipham and allotment associations in Westonzoyland and West Huntspill told their stories about how they took control of searches for land to create new growing spaces in their areas at no cost to the taxpayer. Some groups searched for 3 or 4 years, while others found land within months. All speakers commented on how bare fields had been transformed into beautiful sites where people had learned to work together to provide wonderful, fresh produce for themselves.

“It’s clear that people who really want to grow food can find ways to access land. What we need now is landowners to come forward particularly in the Highbridge, Burnham, Bridgwater and Cheddar areas where the waiting lists are longest”

Linda Hull


There’s a reasonable income to be derived from leasing land for community growing, certainly better than grass keep. Both public and private landowners can benefit – public landowners can turn maintenance costs into revenue streams and local farmers can make use of marginal land and even develop captive, loyal, local markets for other crops such as meat, milk, eggs and so forth. Not to mention the fantastic community spirit that is generated!

If you own land in Sedgemoor and would like a no-obligation site visit to assess suitability for community food production, please contact Linda Hull on 01749 678770, email linda.hull@somersetcommunityfood.org.uk or visit www.somersetcommunityfood.org.uk to find out more.