Travelling around Taunton

Everybody needs to go somewhere at some time or another. It might be for work or school, college or university, shopping or banking, visiting the doctor or hospital or to see someone already there or to visit or help friends and family. It could be for a theatre or cinema trip or a sporting event or a concert but whatever the reason; we all need to do it. We also need to do it in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner as much as possible.

Transition Taunton is starting out on it’s journey to address and hopefully action sustainable solutions to traffic and transport issues in and around the Taunton area. To reduce carbon fuels and air polluting emissions, we particularly advocate public transport and  non-motorised travel: walking and cycling.

Check out the recent guide to buses in Taunton and to Taunton.

Jan Gehl, the great Danish architect and urban planner who is revolutionising life in towns and cities by promoting cities for people.

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