TTT have just started a cycling group to promote cycling in Taunton and help to inform and improve cycling infrastructure.

That group is now up and running and any information can be found at – Taunton Area Cycling Campaign.

This was the result of a survey conducted in the Summer of 2016.

Over 300 surveys were received, and a meeting attended by over 30 people took place on 13 September. A new group was formed. We are still working out some of the details including the best name to adopt and early priorities. One of these is likely to be an event to present the survey findings to the local authorities. The results are in the ‘What people are saying’ section.
We welcome people who would like to join the group. If you would like to become a supporter/group member. please e mail us at : or find out on


Details of the survey results

  • Cycling issues with multiple mentions
  • Parking locations/suggestions identified in 2016 cycling survey
  • Other network and highway issues identified in the survey

Planning your route by bike

Unfortunately the Taunton Cycle map is out of print but you can download it at .Maps for other towns in Somerset can be order from this same page.

A useful site for planning journeys cyclestreets.

Feedback on Proposed Schemes and Consultations

Listings of schemes and consultations of developments in and around Taunton that need your input into influence the decisions made in your neighbourhood. Again, find this all on




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